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[recap] january 2022.


New year. New music.

I hit 2022 off with a running start. I spend the first few weeks of the new year working on my next batch of songs. Paul [Moak] and I spent hours talking over songs, ideas and different concepts for the record but our conversations usually turned existential and theoretical. While in the studio, the guys [Caleb Crosby, Ethan Luck, Kris Donegan, Sam Hayes and Brendon Hapgood] joined in on our wide array of debates during lunch and downtimes while recording. We covered topics from politics, feminism, family, God, religion, and business. Part of me hopes that these topics leached into the music. I want my music to mean something.

Last year was full of new beginnings. I released my first couple songs as an introduction of myself to the world. I got to be creative and met many dear collaborators. As they say, I really started to find myself. I started to find my sound and my voice. Well this year, I hope that I can break down some of those assumptions that you thought you knew about me as a listener. I hope that helps us get closer and build a genuine relationship. Maybe we will really learn to understand each other.

Going into the new year, I set one personal intention. I want to be more consistent. I aim for more consistency in every aspect of my life. Yes I want to do the typical things like eat healthier, do more yoga but deep down I want to show up for myself more. I want to consistently be in a state of creativity or at least allow myself to be. I want to consistently connect with other people through my music. I want to share more music. So bear with me this year as I embark on a new self journey of sharing more, of learning to share the authentically me. Get ready for a year of art, a year of discovery and a year of building friendships.

Thank you for following along with me in 2021. I hope you don’t learn to regret that. :)

Until next time,


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