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[recap] march 2022.


March has always been one of my favorite months. The weather starts to get warmer and the first tiny signs of plant life start to push through the cold ground. The days could still be gray and rainy but the buds on the trees have an air of hope about them. Some of my favorite people were born in the month of March. Pisces people, with the emotional way they have about them and their playful nature, have always been very easy for me to get along with and understand.

I'm sure you won’t be surprised that I’ve spent this first month of spring reflecting on the ideas of new beginnings, creative expression, and self-expression. As some of you know, I moved into a new home. I spent some time starting to carve out my own creative sanctuary. I’m someone who really loves to have a creative space around me. There’s lots more to do, but it will never be, “done”... it is a creative sanctuary after all!

I also have been cultivating my personal presence on social media. In the past, I’ve spoken about how I find it difficult to show the real me on the internet and how self-conscious it makes me. This month I’ve really thought of ways that I can connect with people outside my city in a meaningful way. If you have any other ideas or content you want to see of me please feel free to send me a message on any of my profiles! I want to have meaningful connections and would truly love to hear from you!

I’ve been enjoying my creative time writing these little monthly blog updates. I’ve been making playlists for fun and even joined a group where we do daily collaborative playlists as ways to discover new music. As a result, I’ve found myself falling back in love with being a music consumer. I’ve reconnected with the reason I started to love writing music in the first place... the joy of listening! Last month, I revisited the music that shaped my childhood. That kick-started me into listening to songs that I had forgotten or took for granted. How many songs do we hear over and over but fail to really listen to?

Most of all, I think that March has inspired me to reconsider mindfulness. I’m reminded that healing and breaks are necessary. Artists need to live to create great art, but artists also need to be able to have time to themselves; to sit in silence to hear and process their own thoughts. March has reminded me that there’s no better medicine than to let the sun hit your skin or to walk your dog first thing in the morning. Living is art.

Until next time,



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