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[recap] april 2022.


A Poem for April:

April came and went with a drop of a hat It rained for a majority of the days, at least that is how it seemed I spent my time with my hands in the dirt Growing flowers that I hope others will soon see I am not an astrologer But if I had to guess Something was in retrograde Everyone around me had lessons to learn That only they could see Maybe it is true that time is fake Or that it is prudent to be more productive But the time I’ve spent in the dirt before the start of the day For anything, I would not trade

why did u lie” is the first single off of my upcoming project Screaming at the Stars. It only makes sense that this new beginning from me comes out during spring (April and May), the time of new beginnings. They say, “April showers bring May flowers,” which resonates with me in several ways. In my head, despite the literal meaning, the saying represents that hard times and struggles may beget something beautiful. In my life that tends to be art in the form of songwriting. This new single represents a new beginning for me. That I was able to make something beautiful out of dark times. I hope that you are able to rise out of rainy times into spring as well.

Xoxo, Bridget


you can stream "why did u lie" everywhere now ~


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