Type Of Girl:

A commentary on societal gender expectations, Type Of Girl is my grasp on self-understanding and forgiveness through the experience of negative relationships. Several times in my life I have found myself in a relationship with a man who didn’t respect or understand me. I would tell myself that I’m not the ‘type of girl’ to get played by a guy. I’m not the ‘type of girl’ who ends up in an unhealthy situation. Society tells us those ‘types of girls’ are weak. Well, guess what? There is no type of girl. Every person is that type of girl. This is my way of processing that anyone can find themselves in a shitty relationship or bad situation. That it’s not my fault. This is my way to self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. 


Trailer Park Cemetery:

While driving through rural Florida, I saw the cemetery that inspired this song. Something about how death was so close to the living was fascinating for me. I thought about this cemetery for months and joked about how I wanted to be buried there. I realized that it is more a commentary about life than death. How I want to be close to the living even in death. How I don’t want to miss out on opportunities even in death. I’m afraid I’ll be lonely and long for my reckless teenage years. 


Pontiac Vibe:

It might be the New Yorker in me but, I feel like people are always rushing through their day to day. Always running from one thing to the next, angry if anything delays them or gets in their way. When we are stuck in traffic and an ambulance forces us to pull over, do we ever think about the people inside or do we just get mad that we are late to our prior engagement? This song makes me face my humanity and my own anonymity. Where is everyone rushing to? Who are those people? Do they have families? Does anyone wonder who I am or where I am going?



This song is extremely personal to me. It was written as an apology to someone I was once close with. It is me begging for forgiveness and coming to terms with my own guilt. Whenever I play this song in public, someone from the audience comes up to talk to me about this specific song after the show. They share their stories on how addiction has affected their life and loved ones. They share memories of people they lost. I wrote this song to heal myself. In turn, I hope this song has helped and will help heal others. It takes on new life every time I play it and it is dedicated in memory of anyone who has lost the battle to addiction.