“Rian’s performance is front, center, and emotionally devastating.” - Adobe & Teardrops

“[Talking To Ghosts] is a dark and mysterious collection, Rian will keep you guessing what’s next.”

- The Women Of Country

“’Type of Girl’ is a mesmerizing ballad that features a haunting melody.” - Nashville Music Reviews

“The combination of soft acoustics, emotive lyrics, and expressive vocals draws listeners into the solemn atmosphere. There’s a painful, yet beautiful, sadness that lingers in the air throughout [‘Funeral’].” - Glasse Factory

“‘Funeral’ is a beautiful, yet somber finger-picked ballad with a striking vulnerability in Bridget’s vocals.” - Underground Music Collective

"'Type of Girl’ is anthemic. It offers solidarity in the act of separating from a toxic circumstance. Rian hits the ground running on the right foot by offering us a palliative piece full of encouragement to be ourselves.”

- Unheard Gems

“Rian’s strong debut single, ‘Type of Girl’, takes on societal gender expectations [and] incorporates her unique sound of indie rock, alternative pop, and classic Americana instrumentation.”

- Indie Music Women

“[‘Type of Girl’] demands your attention.”

- Ear To The Ground Music

"[Rian's] pensive lyrics and soothing vocals work seamlessly as a match for the entrancing acoustics."
- Music Mecca