New Hampshire


Never thought we would end up here but here we are

I’m getting fucked up and screaming at the stars

Your stuff’s in the living room, you haven’t moved out yet

Never thought you’d be messing with my head


I’ll never go to New Hampshire

I’ll never listen to Dave

Cause anything that I know you love right now I have to hate

I’ll never drive down Acklen

I’ll never go on a date

Cause I don’t think I’ll ever love again that same way

I’ll never go to New Hampshire


All my friends say you’ll show up again in a month

But I think I can only live through this once

Keys rattle at the door, I think that it’s you

I forget you’re not coming back that’s new



Why Did You Lie


In the beginning, you made me feel like

I could do anything that I put my mind to

You pushed me, I spread my wings, caught the breeze

End of August 

You’re still holding me


Days got shorter and so did your touch

Anything I said or felt was too much

You pushed me away as October came

But when I asked you, you said we were okay


Why did you lie 

Why did you lie

How could you hide

How could you hide that you were coming apart at the seams

How could I not see that you stopped loving me


You told all of our friends that we were through

While I was at home waiting for you

My toes were hanging over the ledge 

You didn’t think twice you pushed me over the edge



Radio Silence


You ruined every road trip we ever went on

Somehow I was left wondering what I did wrong

Almost ditched you in Florida the last one

And drove myself home

I shoulda drove myself home


But I’d give it all up 

I’d do it again

If you would just say we’re still friends

This radio silence is deafening

I wish for the night we could just pretend

things are all right with us

That we are still in love

But you’d still find a way to fuck me up

I’d give it all up 

I’d do it again but you’d rather be alone instead


You were never as smart as you thought you were

I knew what you were doing when you went out with her

Said you never meant for me to get hurt

And I never learn




You knew I already bought you a Christmas gift

I threw it in the trash and you called me a bitch

I never wanted any of this

But you insisted



I Thought We Were Happy


Drove past your house today

And for the first time I didn’t think about it

Maybe I’ll forget your name in a few years when I look back at this


I’ve come a long way from taking the long way home

Screaming at the top of my lungs

‘I only have to make it through this once’


How could you leave me

When I needed you so badly

How could you leave me

I thought we were happy

How could you leave me

How could you leave me


Every time I see a Prius at a red light I hold my breath

I hope that it isn’t you and I try to steal a quick glance


I’ve come a long way from not bearing to be alone

Doctors try to give me drugs 'cause

I haven’t felt like myself in months