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Produced and Mixed by Paul Moak
Engineered by Zack Zinck

Recorded at The Smoakstack, Nashville, TN

Assisted by Brendon Hapgood and Samuel Hayes
Mastered by Sam Moses at Moses Mastering, Nashville, TN


Photography: Libby Danforth

Hair & Makeup: Katrina Brooks

Wardrobe/Styling: Bridget Rian/Natalie Bailey

Musicians and Instruments: 

Bridget Rian: Vocals, BGVs 
Ethan Luck: Bass, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar
Caleb Crosby: Drums, Percussion
Kris Donegan: Electric Guitar, Baritone Guitar 
Paul Moak:  Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Synthesizers, Glockenspiel 

All songs written by Bridget Hope Dowling (BMI)

*except for Sydney Sweeney written by Bridget Hope Dowling and Grayson Vaughan

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